It’s a little known fact that Laura Bush killed her first boyfriend at the age of 17. Many people have asked if she purposefully killed him.

But the facts remain that at approximately 8pm on November Novemember 6th 1963 , 17 year old Laura Welsh at that time drove her car into the side of her ex boyfriends car killing him instantly. She had entered an intersection and blew through a posted stop sign. No charges were ever filed as a result of the accident.

According to press releases , Laura Welsh/Bush and Michael Douglas had been dating for that whole summer, when he suddenly dropped Laura and started dating Regan Gammon , one of Laura’s best friends. Laura and regan Gammon had been Brownies together since the were very young and were good friends.

Laura was apparently driving that night under a bright moon on a clear night. Shev hads driven through that intersection a hundred times over a couple of years. Her now ex boyfriends car was a ver destinctive bright yellow Corvair and should have been easily seen.

Over the next few mionths Laura gave many people conflicting stories as to how the accident had happened. First she claimed she didn’t know that the person killed was her boyfriend, remember now that distinctive bright yellow Corvair. She even said the young man killed had NOT been her boyfriend, Yet the police report stated that the young man killed had been her boyfriend.


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